Site Clearance

Site clearance can be a difficult task: many developments may require the felling of multiple trees, shrubs and brush, stump removal and mulching in order to achieve their end goals.

At Harz tree surgeons we operate a wide range of equipment in order to achieve this, using a selection of forestry flails, timber grabs and other methods of extraction to get the job done as quickly, efficiently and to the highest standard possible.The benefits of using a forestry mulcher on unwanted vegetation and trees are endless. The process is quick and efficient and doesn't require many of the processes traditionally required with land clearance. The material is cut, felled and mulched all in one pass, the mulch is then combined directly back into the soil to aid the decomposition all with minimum disturbance to the soil structure and surrounding environment.

This ties in with our unique ethos of building a sustainable future within the arboricultural world, recycling as much as physically possible, whilst providing a fast and efficient service.

Where all material must be removed from site, we again can help. With our dedicated clearance team, we can remove everything from site, and in the instance of there being any value to the material (normally timber!), one of our team will arrange a timber offer, so you as the client will receive a reimbursement for the value of the timber. We will always try to recycle timber wherever possible, and if it can save you time and make you money, so much the better!

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