Stump Grinding

Why remove stumps? One obvious reason is that stumps create dead areas which have little use, limiting replanting and refurbishment. Another reason is limiting the potential of disease like Honey fungus which can be stored and thrive in old stumps.

We can clear out shrub borders, hedge lines and individual stumps of any size. If required we can go over a whole area leaving it root free, turned over and ready for planting.

On larger sites, the remaining stumps can really hamper the progression of building developments. Here at Harz we can help. We always use the right equipment for the job in hand in order to remove the stumps as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The resultant hole can be perfect to plant another tree! One of our aims as a responsible arboricultural company is to really encourage our clients to plant as much as we fell and remove, encouraging a more sustainable and ethical industry.

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